Shrine to senses

  • Shrine to senses
  • Shrine to senses
  • Shrine to senses
  • Shrine to senses

This shrine is an homage to the places I miss and how our senses have the powerful ability to transport us to these places in our minds. The smell of juniper takes me right back to Sequoia National Park and Big Sur, for example. Even though I know juniper is very common in California, it was so new to me that I associated to the first places I fell in love with, the first time I came here.
The sounds of crows make me think about Oakland and when my partner and I used to bike towards Jack London on Saturday mornings to have breakfast, or when we walked around the gardens near Lake Merritt without planning too much ( we'd always end up at the Bonsai Garden).
I hope this shrine makes you think about a place you love, somehow.

This piece can also be used for any ceremonial purpose you see fit, or decoration.
Please note that lighting candles too close to the shrine walls might stain them due to black fumes.

Terracotta clay to 1830°F , acrylic paint and protective coating.
Height : 7"
Width (base): 6 1/2"
Depth (base): 3 1/2"