Crying eyes brooch

  • Crying eyes brooch
  • Crying eyes brooch
  • Crying eyes brooch

“Tears not only represent feeling but are also lenses through which we gain an alternative vision, another point of view.” I really like that phrase from Women Who Run With The Wolves, from Clarissa P Estés. Mainly because it gives a great definition of what crying can be. There are some good, essential feelings attached to tears: relief, letting go, relaxation, courage, angry...
Many times when we begin to cry we provoque a reaction in others that’s sounds like “oh no, please don’t cry”, or “oh don’t cry or you’ll make me cry too”.
When maybe it would be more natural just to embrace crying like we embrace laughing, for example.
Maybe we should let others cry, and if we want to cry along, why don’t we?
It gives us a good clean too.

Red clay fired to 1830°F, decorated with underglaze and finished with clear glaze.

Aproximate dimensions:
Height (wing to wing) : 2 1/2"
Width (beak to tail) : 3"